Here you can select the design of the Jewellery you want as well as the type and colour of the gemstone you covet the most.

When you see the gemstone you desire please contact us @ sales@www-gems.com for availability and price quoting the number associated with the gem.

Show your jeweller the jewellery design you have selected in the site so it can be made for you by your craftsman


The shining stars and achievers of the world demand the best available and we are here to satisfy and fullfill that need and desire .

Share with us the delight of ownership and acquire these godly gifts of genuine precious crystal gems in all their spectacular sparkling colours from deep down beneath the earths crust and ocean depths, extracted – then cut and polished to perfection for pleasuring your  senses, delicately and carefully married by the designers and craftsmen of the world to the finest gold and precious metals available on this planet and beyond.

Indulge in the essence of expression that is you.

We bring to you that which we covet the most.

Make your choice..and rejoice!

Possess these pieces  and bathe in their splendour and luxury.

The spirit of love is imbedded in every unique creation and passed on to the wearer with impunity from the evils of the world

Wear your choice with pride knowing you have the REAL THING


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C.E.O Gem Creations